At Sirati and Partners Consultants Ltd., we have allocated considerable resources into Research and Development in key sectors of our business where we see current and growing need for improvement.

Among the projects we are currently investing in, is a sophisticated software tool for Life Cycle Carbon Accounting in Construction. Construction Sector is a major contributor to overall carbon emission at a global scale. A great deal of efforts are now concentrated on how to reduce carbon emission in this sector. There are still two issues with the current practice of reducing carbon footprint of construction sector. First and foremost, carbon emission is not practically taken into account throughout the entire life cycle of a construction project, particularly when it comes to large buildings or significant infrastructure development projects. Second, there is a serious lack of data and measurements of carbon emission and emission factors in construction sector. We, at Sirati and Partners Consultants Ltd. are developing algorithms and platforms to not only perform a detailed Life Cycle Carbon Accounting for this sector, but to optimize your construction project costs when it comes to carbon emission reduction.

Another key issue developers are dealing with is the growing need for remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater for a range of contaminants including heavy metals and organic compounds or Risk Management of contaminated sites. We have been working towards developing cost effective and high performance remedial and risk management systems that can change the game.

If you are interested in our R&D program or you would like to become a host partner, please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Edwin Safari at for more information.