Our goal

Our goal is partnering with our clients and strive to provide unique solution based services. Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd will provide well thought-out, cost effective and efficient solutions to your projects while maintain a high standard of service and adhering to the regulations.

We currently employ professionals and support staff with education and experience in geotechnical engineering, geology, earth sciences, technologists and technicians. Our combined engineering and geo-science experience means that our team has credibility, professional skill and knowledge that is applied to every project and for every client.

We provide consulting services in geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, environmental and hydrogeology for a range of public and private sector clients. We provide our expertise in these disciplines to a wide range of projects such as planning, design, and construction of pipelines, tunnels, pump stations, municipal buildings, roads, bridges, slope and landslide management, low and high rise as well as commercial buildings, light rail systems, dams and reservoirs, water and wastewater treatment facilities, outfalls, retaining walls, embankments, airports, and port facilities.