Materials Engineering, Testing & Inspection

As a dynamic growing firm, Materials Testing & Inspection prides itself on the quality of its staff comprising trained and talented professionals and many with advanced degrees. Our personnel are certified in their individual specialty areas and participate in ongoing training programs to enhance their personal expertise.

At Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd, we provide specialist services to include registered civil and geotechnical engineers and geologists, environmentalists, scientists, multi-disciplined materials testing and inspection technicians and inspectors, water and sewer operators, and project managers. A capable and competent administrative staff supports these technical specialists.

Our expert geotechnical engineers provide advise on how to make optimum use of a site, provide cost effective solutions on how to mitigate difficult soil or groundwater conditions and reduce project risks, costs and unnecessary delays.

This combination of expertise early in a project, not only saves our clients money, but also provides early detection of subsurface problems in time to make proper decisions on the project’s continuation.

Our laboratory and field technicians are provided with modern equipment and are all trained to operate in the computerized data analysis and result interpretation software system applications that enable them to provide reliable and fast services.

We provide the following services:

  • CCIL Certified technologist and technicians for testing of concrete
  • Commercial/Industrial (slab, grade beams, footings, piles)
  • Residential development (sidewalk, curb & gutter)
  • Density/moisture testing using nuclear density gauge and other advanced methods
  • Asphalt sampling, coring and testing
  • Field QA/QC testing, monitoring and supervision
  • Design and monitoring
  • Site preparation (stripping) monitoring
  • Proof-roll inspection and reporting
  • PDA and pile load testing
  • Field engineering services

The Benefits of Using a Geotechnical Engineering Professional for Materials Testing

Materials testing services are much more than providing simple test results.  We provide a team approach to construction where we are able to work as part of the design and construction team to move a project to completion, while helping to minimize delays, costs and maximize quality.  Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd has experienced technologists and technicians who can undertake routine testing of concrete, asphalt, and soils, while also providing guidance on construction methods, material suitability, and subgrade inspection.

We undertake foundation inspections, reviews and pile/peer inspection.  Our materials testing groups liaise with our team of geotechnical professionals to provide the best-possible results for our clients.  We know that our efficient and effective service provide cost-effective, practical and timely solutions.

We offer a full-suite of geotechnical design experience and advanced construction quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) testing on both routine and highly complicated projects.  Our field staff work closely with the engineering team to ensure that construction difficulties are identified early, dealt with quickly with minimal delay, and contractor extras are minimized or eliminated.  We also offer resident field engineering services.