Instrumentation and Monitoring Services

Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring are an integer part of construction for many civil engineering and building projects.  Subject to the type of the project, the design elements, and the site conditions a combination of vertical and lateral ground movement monitoring, crack-monitoring and tilting, change in groundwater pressures, noise and vibration monitoring resulting from construction activities are essential elements of all projects deliverables. Custom solutions are therefore essential for unique monitoring solutions.

Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd provides a custom built engineering solutions for all your Project’s instrumentation and monitoring requirements. Our skilled technologies and engineering staff provide tailor-made solutions that fits your project’s requirements within budget using state-of-art instruments including real-time remote sensing web-based monitoring devices. The installation techniques will be customized to address particular subsurface issues.

We can provide monitoring solutions for the following:

  • Vertical and lateral ground movement
  • Changes in crack aperture
  • Groundwater pressures
  • Tilt
  • Noise
  • Vibration
  • Custom solutions for unique monitoring situations