Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd has extensive expertise in hydrogeological studies including contaminant and clean water supply. We also perform environmental monitoring of groundwater, surface water and other media.

Why Choose Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd?

Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd’s skilled team of experienced hydrogeologists and geotechnical engineers with a groundwater engineering background provide hydrogeological studies for exploration of domestic and commercial water supply, dewatering design for civil engineering constructions, tunneling, deep excavations and mine dewatering, hydrogeological impact study due to groundwater extraction or groundwater flooding.

Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd’s staff hold advanced degrees and are registered professionals. They evaluate and develop groundwater resources; delineate contamination and predict impacts on human and ecological receptors; provide the technical basis for the design of subsurface wastewater disposal, construction dewatering and aquifer remediation systems; generate hydrogeologic models, frame computer simulations and perform statistical analyses for risk assessments and resource prospecting; provide full technical assistance in permitting in all these areas; provide peer review for the work of outside hydrogeologists; advise legal counsel and provide expert testimony.

pic8Our hydrogeological services include:

  • Hydrogeological characterization
  • Groundwater resource evaluation
  • Aquifer testing
  • Permit to take water (PTTW) applications
  • Groundwater and surface water monitoring and sampling
  • Liaison with environmental regulatory and approval authorities
  • Construction and long-term dewatering needs
  • Surface water-groundwater interaction/hydrological evaluations
  • ORMCP groundwater/surface water compliance assessments
  • Permit to take water acquisition and compliance monitoring
  • Water balance assessments
  • Development of low impact development strategies for infiltration management
  • Groundwater supply development
  • In-ground sewage system design
  • Municipal well head protection zone monitoring
  • Hydrogeological peer review
  • Liaison and negotiation with regulatory agencies
  • Rapid infiltration basin design