About Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd

Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd. is a multi-disciplinary Canadian owned consulting firm providing engineering solutions for your Geotechnical, Environmental, Hydrogeological, Materials Engineering, Material Testing & Inspection, Concrete and Pavement Technology problems.

The principal founders of Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd have achieved the highest recognition for engineering consultancy providing geotechnical, environmental and hydrogeological support to many consultants, contractors, private and public sector clients. At Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd we endeavor to provide the high level of engineering solutions to your problems.

Our licensed professional engineering staff includes highly qualified Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geologists, Hydro-geologists, Geoscientists, Technologists and Technicians.

At Sirati & Partners Consultants Ltd., we provide clients with independent and unbiased cost-effective engineering solutions that withstand the test of a serious challenge.